1 Silencing Scrapie
2 Microglia-mediated neurotoxicity: uncovering the molecular mechanisms
3 Prions removed from animal blood
4 Substrate-specific translocational attenuation during ER stress defines a pre-emptive quality control pathway.
5 Expression and detection strategies for an scFv fragment retaining the same high affinity than Fab and whole antibody: Implications for therapeutic use in prion diseases
6 Effects of randomizing the Sup35NM prion domain sequence on formation of amyloid fibrils in vitro
7 Cellular prion protein in ovine milk
8 Fate of prions in soil: Interaction of a recombinant ovine prion protein with synthetic humic-like mineral complexes
9 Role of complement in neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation
10 Decreased brain copper due to copper deficiency has no effect on bovine prion proteins
11 Immunization with recombinant bovine but not mouse prion protein delays the onset of disease in mice inoculated with a mouse-adapted prion
12 “Prion-proof” for [PIN+]: Infection with In Vitro-made Amyloid Aggregates of Rnq1p-(132–405) Induces [PIN+]
13 Newly established in vitro system with fluorescent proteins shows that abnormal expression of downstream prion protein-like protein in mice is probably due to functional disconnection between splicing and 3′ formation of prion protein pre-mRNA
14 Can chicken and human PrPs possess SOD-like activity after β-cleavage?
15 Prion protein does not redox-silence Cu2+, but is a sacrificial quencher of hydroxyl radicals
16 Congo red and protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases
17 Immunoreactivity enhancement with chelators for increasing the detection sensitivity of human PrPSc by Western blotting
18 Effect of drying time, ambient temperature and pre-soaks on prion-infected tissue contamination levels on surgical stainless steel: concerns over prolonged transportation of instruments from theatre to central sterile service departments
19 Reduction in infectivity of endogenous transmissible spongiform encephalopathies present in blood by adsorption to selective affinity resins

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