Cancer immunosurveillance(8)
1 The human T cell response to melanoma antigens.
2 Immune reconstitution prevents metastatic recurrence of murine osteosarcoma.
3 Immunohistochemical patterns of reactive microenvironment are associated with clinicobiologic behavior in follicular lymphoma patients.
4 Immunoepigenetics: the unseen side of cancer immunoediting.
5 Video-assisted thoracic surgery lobectomy for lung cancer is associated with less immunochemokine disturbances than thoracotomy.
6 The role of regulatory T cells in the control of natural killer cells: relevance during tumor progression.
7 Increased frequencies of CD8+ T lymphocytes recognizing wild-type p53-derived epitopes in peripheral blood correlate with presence of epitope loss tumor variants in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.
8 Interferons, immunity and cancer immunoediting.

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