Syntaxin 1A(19)
1 Mechanism of arachidonic acid action on syntaxin?Munc18
2 Aggregate-centered redistribution of proteins by mutant huntingtin
3 Induction by NeuroD of the components required for regulated exocytosis
4 Assembly of the Drosophila larval exoskeleton requires controlled secretion and shaping of the apical plasma membrane
5 Calcium-dependent interactions of the human norepinephrine transporter with syntaxin 1A
6 Effects of Palmitate on Insulin Secretion and Exocytotic Proteins in Islets of Diabetic Goto-Kakizaki Rats.
7 Interaction of syntaxin with a single Kv1.1 channel: a possible mechanism for modulating neuronal excitability.
8 Effect of glucolipotoxicity and rosiglitazone upon insulin secretion.
9 Chronic Antidepressants Induce Redistribution and Differential Activation of alphaCaM Kinase II between Presynaptic Compartments.
10 Modification of a Hydrophobic Layer by a Point Mutation in Syntaxin 1A Regulates the Rate of Synaptic Vesicle Fusion.
11 Targeting of KV4, CaV1.2 and SNARE Proteins to Cholesterol-Rich Lipid Rafts in Pancreatic {alpha}-cells: Effects on Glucagon Stimulus-Secretion Coupling.
12 Munc18-1 binds directly to the neuronal SNARE complex.
13 G alpha(q)-coupled muscarinic acetylcholine receptors enhance nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans mating behavior.
14 Functionally and spatially distinct modes of MUNC18-syntaxin 1 interaction.
15 Phosphorylation of adult type Sept5 (CDCrel-1) by cyclin-dependent kinase 5 inhibits interaction with syntaxin-1.
16 Selective activation of cognate SNAREpins by Sec1/Munc18 proteins.
17 Bidirectional modulation of transmitter release by calcium channel/syntaxin interactions in vivo.
18 Glucotoxicity inhibits late steps of insulin exocytosis.
19 Exophilin4/Slp2-a targets glucagon granules to the plasma membrane through unique Ca2+-inhibitory phospholipid-binding activity of the C2A domain.

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