Tau protein(20)
1 The Drosophila DCO mutation suppresses age-related memory impairment without affecting lifespan
2 Combined Damage to Entorhinal Cortex and Cholinergic Basal Forebrain Neurons, Two Early Neurodegenerative Features Accompanying Alzheimer s Disease: Effects on Locomotor Activity and Memory Functions in Rats
3 Tau and saitohin gene expression pattern in progressive supranuclear palsy
4 Intermonomer electron transfer in the bc1 complex dimer is controlled by the energized state and by impaired electron transfer between low and high potential hemes
5 Structure and Dynamics of Pin1 During Catalysis by NMR
6 Increased tau protein differentiates mild cognitive impairment from geriatric depression and predicts conversion to dementia
7 Effects of tau phosphorylation on proteasome activity
8 Pin1 in Alzheimer s disease: Multiple substrates, one regulatory mechanism?
9 Focal adhesions regulate A signaling and cell death in Alzheimer s disease
10 Neuronal cell cycle re-entry mediates Alzheimer disease-type changes
11 Cdk5 is involved in NFT-like tauopathy induced by transient cerebral ischemia in female rats
12 A-beta, tau and ApoE4 in Alzheimer s disease: the axonal connection
13 High throughput screening for small molecule inhibitors of heparin-induced tau fibril formation
14 14-3-3 Facilitates GSK3beta-catalyzed tau phosphorylation in HEK-293 cells by a mechanism that requires phosphorylation of GSK3 on Ser9
15 Ether stress-induced Alzheimer-like tau phosphorylation in the normal mouse brain
16 Tau overexpression in transgenic mice induces glycogen synthase kinase 3 and -catenin phosphorylation
17 alfa 7 Nicotinic receptor gene delivery into mouse hippocampal neurons leads to functional receptor expression, improved spatial memory-related performance, and tau hyperphosphorylation
18 Influence of delayed CSF storage on concentrations of phospho-tau protein (181), total tau protein and beta-amyloid (1C42)
19 A novel monoclonal antibody DC63 reveals that inhibitor 1 of protein phosphatase 2A is preferentially nuclearly localised in human brain
20 alfa-Synuclein and its disease-related mutants interact differentially with the microtubule protein tau and associate with the actin cytoskeleton

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