Molecular machanism of eye development(20)
1 The proliferation and expansion of retinal stem cells require functional Pax6
2 Mechanisms of eye development and evolution of the arthropod visual system: The lateral eyes of myriapoda are not modified insect ommatidia
3 Isolation of Xenopus HIF-prolyl 4-hydroxylase and rescue of a small-eye phenotype caused by Siah2 over-expression
4 Defects in brain patterning and head morphogenesis in the mouse mutant Fused toes
5 FGF-mediated induction of ciliary body tissue in the chick eye
6 Regulation of the activity of the tumor suppressor PTEN by thioredoxin in Drosophila melanogaster
7 Thrombospondin-4 and matrix three-dimensionality in axon outgrowth and adhesion in the developing retina
8 High concentration of zinc in sub-retinal pigment epithelial deposits
9 Ocular findings in the chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome
10 Familial Cavitary Optic Disk Anomalies: Clinical Features of a Large Family with Examples of Progressive Optic Nerve Head Cupping
11 Sine oculis, a member of the SIX family of transcription factors, directs eye formation
12 Anterograde Jelly belly and Alk Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Signaling Mediates Retinal Axon Targeting in Drosophila
13 Defects in eye development in transgenic mice overexpressing the heparan sulfate proteoglycan agrin
14 Functions of BarH transcription factors during embryonic development
15 PP2A:B56 is required for eye induction and eye field separation
16 Light experience and the development of behavioural lateralization in chicks: III. Learning to distinguish pebbles from grains
17 Molecular mechanisms of optic vesicle development: Complexities, ambiguities and controversies
18 Transient increases in choroidal thickness are consistently associated with brief daily visual stimuli that inhibit ocular growth in chicks
19 Mechanisms of eye-specific visual circuit development
20 The role of cytokines in the regulation of ocular autoimmune inflammation

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