Calcium signaling in myocytes[肌细胞的钙离子信号通路](9)
1 Ca2+ currents in cardiac myocytes: Old story, new insights.
2 Voltage-dependent calcium influx mediates maturation of myofibril arrangement in ascidian larval muscle.
3 Mini-dystrophin expression down-regulates IP3-mediated calcium release events in resting dystrophin-deficient muscle cells.
4 Assembling the myofibril: coordinating contractile cable construction with calcium.
5 Inactivation of calcium channels in vascular smooth muscle myocytes.
6 T-type Ca2+ channels in vascular smooth muscle: multiple functions.
7 Integration of calcium with the signaling network in cardiac myocytes.
8 VIP and PACAP regulate localized Ca2+ transients via cAMP-dependent mechanism.
9 L-Type Ca2+ Channel Facilitation Mediated by Phosphorylation of the β Subunit by CaMKII

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