1 Cells Isolated from Human Periapical Cysts Express Mesenchymal Stem Cell-like Properties.
2 Identification and Characterization of Angiogenesis Targets through Proteomic Profiling of Endothelial Cells in Human Cancer Tissues.
3 CD146 expression on mesenchymal stem cells is associated with their vascular smooth muscle commitment.
4 Inferior ectopic bone formation of mesenchymal stromal cells from adipose tissue compared to bone marrow: Rescue by chondrogenic pre-induction.
5 Functionally and Phenotypically Distinct Subpopulations of Marrow Stromal Cells Are Fibroblast in Origin and Induce Different Fates in Peripheral Blood Monocytes.
6 Three specific antigens to isolate endothelial progenitor cells from human liposuction material.
7 Epithelial-mesenchymal transition increases during the progression of in situ to invasive basal-like breast cancer.
8 Isolation, characterization and differentiation of cells expressing pluripotent/multipotent markers from adult human ovaries.
9 Priming 3D cultures of human mesenchymal stromal cells toward cartilage formation via developmental pathways.

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